Easy to deploy, Trivial to maintain

EraDB easily integrates into your existing system and enables you to utilize familiar technologies.

  • Plug in to existing data stacks

  • Easily handle a billion dimensions out of the box

  • Designed for linear-or-better horizontal scalability

  • Data storage layer that is multi-tenant by design

  • Solves the Curse of Dimensionality problem for time-series storage

  • Scalable ingestion

  • Adaptive AI indexing system for ad-hoc queries

  • Predictable query latencies to meet production SLOs


EraDB easily integrates into your existing system and enables you to utilize familiar technologies.

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    Our PostgreSQL plugin automatically speeds up hyper-dimensional queries with just one change to your schema definition.

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    Our native Pandas extension uses EraDB under the hood, so data scientists can stay with the tools they already know and love.

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    Our REST API follows web development conventions that make it feel like a native part of your software stack.

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    Amazon S3

    Our Total-Integrity Backup mirrors every write to your S3 bucket, allowing you to recreate your database on demand.

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    Interested in other integrations?

    Our suite of integrations is constantly expanding, let us know if you’re interested in anything specific.


Avoid expensive and laborious trade-offs

Equally powerful at aggregation across billions of facets, whether you’re querying nested JSON objects or tabular data with a strict schema.

    • Go schema-ish

      With EraDB you can have the flexibility and power of schemaless with the reliability and performance of schemas—and soon you’ll be able to enforce a schema so you can truly do either or both at the same time.

    • Auto-sharding

      Some solutions make you pick complex shard keys to scale effectively. The trouble is that your data often grows in unexpected ways, creating scaling bottlenecks and admin annoyances. We dynamically shard your data for you so that you can focus on what actually matters to your business.

    • Time is on your side—and so is everything else

      With EraDB, there are no more agonizing decisions about whether data is a tag or a value because it can be both, and can handle data that isn’t timestamped at all! EraDB's advanced indexing systems allow you to filter and aggregate every piece of information—whether it’s a “column”/”key” or a “row”/”value”—in your data set at billion-scale with no prior knowledge or optimization required.

    • AI-indexing by default

      Manually defining performance-sensitive indices is a thing of the past—so is all of the associated data duplication. EraDB will handle all of the performance optimizations for you based on the queries you make. You can optionally enforce a specific index when you need to.

    • No downsampling required

      Other solutions downsample your data when writing because they can’t keep up with your insertion rate, and interpolate the difference. This leads to data loss and skewed signals, while your missing data can become difficult to reason about. EraDB is write-safe and can handle as much data as you can throw at it.

    • For all shapes and sizes and data rates

      Other solutions make admins predict what future data will look like. EraDB handles different data rates without additional optimization on your part, from the steady river of complex ETL pipelines to the waterfall of Black Friday sales.


  • The complexities of time-series data

  • As the time-series data market grows, datasets have become increasingly complex and highly dimensional. These complex datasets span all industries, from logistics to industrial IoT, from financial services to machine learning, and many more developing industries such as autonomous vehicles.

    Scale is becoming a serious problem, requiring complex cobbled-together solutions that are a pain to maintain, and there are still non-trivial trade-offs—and that’s before you even have to consider the complications introduced by aggregating multiple data sets to get a holistic view of your business.

  • How EraDB solves these complexities

  • No existing time-series database can store or query these hyper-cardinality data sets efficiently. Customers try and fail to solve the shortcomings with custom caching layers and special-purpose indexes, and these limited solutions tend to require you to understand the overall shape of your data and queries first before these optimizations can be made.

    EraDB natively solves all of these issues for you, leveraging a proprietary Deep Learning indexing system that automatically speeds up ad-hoc queries at billion-scale—all without a DBA.


Using state-of-the-art machine learning methods to accelerate ingestion of billions of columns and billions of unique values, Superindexes then produce a query plan from the statistical predictions of its models, thereby speeding up almost every conceivable query—automatically.

  • Provides transactional semantics, snapshots, and synchronization between all other components.

  • Analyzes incoming data and performs the AI-powered Superindexing.

  • Efficiently handles user requests and fetches the necessary data in coordinating with the Superindex.

  • Stores raw data on disk and is responsible for replication, cluster rebalancing, and deep compression.