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Easily store and explore the insights in your data

EraDB’s SuperIndexes are built for any query on any kind of data.

  • Industrial IoT

    Hyper-cardinality is a feature, not a bug, of IIoT deployments in all industries, particularly Manufacturing, Transportation, Energy, and Financial Services. EraDB is built from the ground up to handle this challenge at both technological and financial scale.

  • Analytics & ML

    Machine learning anomaly detection demands the ability to iterate quickly and pivot on any axis. EraDB’s SuperIndexes allow analysts and data scientists to ask any question of any data quickly and inexpensively.

  • Infrastructure Monitoring

    Get all your infrastructure telemetry data in one place for anomaly detection without downsampling. Reduce MTTR and provide the business immediate insight with analytics powered by EraDB.

  • SaaS Solutions

    Storage solutions such as Elasticsearch were not built for rapid store-and-explore, forcing SaaS companies to spend too much for this critical infrastructure. Improve your profit margins with a purpose built database at the heart of your SaaS solution.

The First Database Built for Hyper-Cardinality Data

A Billion Dimensions Out of the Box

hy•per - car·di·nal·i·ty

| ˈhīpər - ˌkärdəˈnalədē |

noun (Mathematics)

Magnitudes greater complexity than current assumptions of high cardinality — not hundreds of columns with millions of unique values, rather billions of columns and billions of unique values, yielding trillions of series.

Reasons other databases can't support Hyper-Cardinality data

  • Technologically-limited storage engines cannot efficiently handle complex data, so they crash or slow to a crawl.

  • Indexes are expensive and have to be defined manually, so you must choose which queries are most important.

  • Inflexible schemas require you to discard attributes, forcing you to sacrifice data quality for performance.

  • Horizontal scale is often an afterthought, so performance and transactional semantics suffer at high volumes.

A Database That Thinks For You

Putting the power of machine learning to work for you and your data

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    Never manage indexes again

    We automatically index on every dimension, so you never have to decide today what you want to query tomorrow

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    Write any JSON object, query it with SQL

    Send us your arbitrarily-shaped data, nested or not, and we’ll take care of the rest

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    Enforce a schema, or don’t bother

    EraDB is schemaless by design, so we can store your data regardless of whether it’s consistently-structured

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    Use your favorite tools and query languages

    Built for flexibility, EraDB supports pluggable front- and back-end systems

Time-series analytics with no limits.

Billions of columns. Billions of rows. No dataset is too large or complex for EraDB. With intelligent Superindexing™ and native, horizontal scaling, EraDB is the first time-series database built for machine learning, anomaly detection, and industrial IoT.